“Peace of Mandela” by Laolu Senbanjo


Another way of seeing Mandela.

Fantastic artistry called “Peace of Mandela” by Laolu Senbanjo.

I just love the hues of this piece. It reminds of the setting of the sun and in a way, marks the time of Mandela’s Life. The intricate details revolve around the way his life has been and how much of his life belonged to the world and not him. It was a beautiful life but sad at the same time…that even as his time in the world will unfortunately, end, it still doesn’t even belong to him. Just as how the sun now sets silently, leaving us with beautiful skies and not with a power struggle over who gets the last rays, Let’s hope that his dusk would be a cherished one by him as well.

Photo by laolusenbanjo

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He is fabulous!!!