A kid at heart who was allowed to run free her laptop and her ideas.  One may say a free for all won`t work but this is about  thoughts, feelings and opinions. Hopefully, with a massive share of light humor and all types of media. its a place I would set myself free and hopefully, you as well…


6 thoughts on “About

  1. free your mind, buy the truth and sell it not .. use it and it shall set both you and your hearers free .. including me .. nice work you got here and I do not only wish you the very best on this path .. I pray the Lord will help you fulfill your purpose as you thread the path to your destiny chosen by God. Greatness awaits you. Cheers.

  2. Hi Amsayaro,

    I love your piece on the Old vs the New Nigerian Anthems. I have used exerpts from it for an audion series on National anthem which i’m doing via my website. It will however be featured in the last episode and i’ll send you a link when it up.

    Great Work here!! Keep the flag up.

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