Born and raised in Nigeria, I did not start making art until I moved to Canada in 2010.

Even as a journalist, I have always had an interest in the arts. It was reflected in the types of stories I covered, usually of artisans making products with their hands or an art exhibition that was taking place in Abuja.

I started with jewellery, pouring hours into research on techniques I could find online because I did not want any of my work to look like the regular ones you could easily find anywhere.


Jewellery was my gateway hobby that opened the door to me evolving into the artist that I am now with inspiration flowing mostly from women. I love women. Our abilities, capacities, convictions, desires, hopes and dreams, are so powerful that we are muses to every creative out there. We are walking nuclear reactions to the world around us with the power to change the ways of the world. Culture and color come to play along with me when I work. I borrow alot from the love my home country has for color. We are always a storm of hues even when things are disastrous. I tend to look at my table after a day of hunching over my pieces and wonder where art lovers would hang or place them. Most times, I know they are the colorful pieces there.

Compromise 6b

Some artists I look up to are Peju Alatise, Laolu Senbanjo, James Victore, David Dale, Chief Nike Davies Okundaye and more. As their works are a variety of mediums and fields, it is the way they make it their own that capitvates me. How they call to their work and master them in such a way that words are not needed when you watch them work or finally see the end product.

As I journey through this path of life, one thing I am sure of is that my yellow brick road would be a gallery of my essence. While I roll in glitter, stain my clothes in paint and peel off dried glue from my hands, I admit that being lost in the zone is where freedom, for me, soars.

Hello, and welcome to my studio. I am Amsa Yaro and it is amazing to have you here. Please feast your eyes on some of my day-dreams and recordings of my night stories as I do my best to drag them out from a dreamscape to here, my little corner of the vast internet.

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Amsa YAro