Fashion Paper Illustration

As much as my wardrobe doesn’t reflect it, I enjoy a good runway show. I think what attracts me the most is how ideas are portrayed on a person really. How a style or a look changes how one percieves the wearer or just how a well made outfit brings out another side of the … Continue reading Fashion Paper Illustration

The Journey Begins

I fell off blogging sometime back. Not because I lacked content…though that happens once in a while, it was because I wasn’t sure if my voice was being heard. But I realised that it wasn’t about being heard, it was about if that was my voice was true to me.  We know how complicated living … Continue reading The Journey Begins

“Peace of Mandela” by Laolu Senbanjo

Another way of seeing Mandela. Fantastic artistry called “Peace of Mandela” by Laolu Senbanjo. I just love the hues of this piece. It reminds of the setting of the sun and in a way, marks the time of Mandela’s Life. The intricate details revolve around the way his life has been and how much of … Continue reading “Peace of Mandela” by Laolu Senbanjo