No, Yours truly, Women.

This would not be one of my posts that would give you happy feelings (I actually hope my other posts fill you with happy feelings). This is about an issue that I believe that every woman, walking on this earth has had a taste of some form of sexual objectification, harassment and/or assualt. For too many, it started long before we even understood our bodies and society has somehow always found a way to place the blame on us. Oh, you are not well dressed, your skirt is too short, you are too mature for your age, you are stunning to the eye, he likes you that’s why he is mean to you, he grabs your arm to get your attention and when you take it away, you are being rude. You are called a slut for flirting, called a whore for not flirting back, hit across the head with a skate board for not being interested, raped behind a dumpster for being drunk, raped in your house because he is robbing your house, raped because he saw you at the hotel lobby, raped because you thought he was your friend, raped because he is the Pastor of your church, killed for playing hard to get, killed for narrating your sexual assault on twitter… I could go on with so many stories and these are the ones we hear of. Imagine the number of those that are never reported due to the way the police handles it or the family coving it up to remove shame or those actually silenced by the rapists themselves. One rape case is one case too many. We have this absurd pretence that it only happens to careless women yet, this pandemic covers every region, every religion, every nation, creed and what every group you tag yourself in.

So, with all this going on, I made this illustration after I read the tragic news of a university student who was raped and killed in a church in Nigeria. It tore my heart about how unsafe women are generally everywhere and how scary it is to be reduced to an object that can be used and discarded so easily. The inhumanity behind the act and the need for real justice to take place is more evident.

There are organisations like the Mirabel Centre in Nigeria and Stand To End Rape that are fighting to ensure that survivors get justice, medical and holistic treatment as well as psyhosocial services to help them live their lives to the fullest. Places like S.W.I.M, My Sister’s Place, Anova , here in London, also do alot of work along this route for single women, women in of shelter or safety from abusive environments and more.

With this, I have one of my Illustration’s “No, Yours Truly, Women” listed in my esty store and available in sizes: 8″ by 10″, 12″ by 16″, 16″ by 20″ and 18″ by 24″. I will be donating 50% of my profits from this art print to 2 of these organasations, one in Nigeria and one in London. The say charity begins at home and I would really like some of my earnings to go to places that will put them to good use especially if it helps girls and women( even boys and men as they are also survivors as well) in every way. I will do my best to update everytime I send/deposit the donations so please share this to your friends and loved ones. I would really appreciate it.

“No. Yours Truly, Women.”

You can find “No. Yours Truly, Women” at my etsy store with worldwide shipping. As the company I use for my art prints are still adjusting to the covid pandemic, it may take some to get to you but we are always updated on how things are going and they are picking up quickly with printing as well as shipping.

Even though the world can seem dark, violent and terrifying, there are so many that are fighting to right the world. This will be my small way of helping them.

Have a blessed and a safe day.

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